Francisco Pelegri
Principal Investigator
Professor & Chair, Laboratory of Genetics


Cara Moravec websize


Cara Moravec
Postdoctoral Research Associate



Christina Hansen
Postdoctoral Research Associate



Ryan Trevena
Graduate Research Assistant



Trevor Chamberlain
Graduate Research Assistant



Caroline Barry
Graduate Research Assistant


Undergraduate Researchers: 
Sam Moran
Iris Lor
Zihan Zheng
Lizette Arroyo
Morgan Banks
Robert (Rob) Hall

Fish Husbandry Team:
Gavin Schopf, Leo Blouin, Riley Kelley, & Michael Hekmat

Lab Alumni: 
Grad students/Postdocs/Research Staff:

  • Gabby Voit, former research intern
    > PhD student in the Gutzman lab at UW-Milwaukee
  •  Dr. Elaine Welch, former grad student
    > Associate Research Scientist (Gene & Cell Therapy) at PPD
  • Dr. Celeste Eno, former grad student
    > Associate Director (Pathology) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • Dr. Andrew (Drew) Hasley, former grad student
    > Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar (Biotechnology) at NCSU
  • Dr. Danielle Grotjahn, former research specialist
    > Assistant Professor at Scripps Research
  • Dr. Sreelaja Nair, former postdoc
    > Associate Professor (Biosciences & Bioengineering) at IITB
  • Dr. Robin Lindeman, former grad student
    > Supervisor (Development Science) at Beckman Coulter
  • Dr. Lance Urven, visiting scientist
    > Professor (Biology) at Marian University
  • Dr. Bharti Solanki, former grad student
    > Staff Scientist (R&D) at Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Dr. Xiaoyan Ge, former grad student
    > Assistant Professor (Genetics & Genomics) & Assistant Director (Molecular Genetics) at Mount Sinai
  • Dr. Emily Putiri, former grad student
    > Associate Director (Clinical Research) at Mersana Therapeutics
  • Dr. Jamie Lyman Gingerich, former grad student
    > Associate Professor (Biology) at UW-Eau Claire

Undergraduate Researchers:

  • Benton Veire > Research Associate at 10X Genomics
  • Jarred Otterlee
  • Monica Selvaraj > Research Assistant in the Lehmann Lab
  • Julia Oelke > Masters student (Lifestyle Medicine)
  • Jacky Lor > PharmD student at UW-Madison
  • Kelsey Rahe > Student at the UIC College of Dentistry
  • Clara Garcia > Medical student at Carver College of Medicine
  • Mykala Conroy > Medical student at Des Moines University
  • Destiny Baars > Forensic Scientist
  • Erica Weber > Regulatory Analyst at 3M
  • Jonathon Heir > Medical student at the Univ. of Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Elizabeth Theusch – Assistant Researcher at UCSF

Visiting Students:
Melisa Dehuma; high school student
– Participant in PEOPLE (Precollege Enrichment Opportunity        Program for Learning Excellence)
S. Isaac; Washington & Jefferson College
– Participant in the Biological SIGNALS Program